Adrian’s Acres

My name is Adrian. I am a lifetime gardener, former herdsman on a family owned dairy farm, and currently an urban farmer.

I am based in Indiana on a small urban farm called Adrian’s Acres.

  • Top 20 chick raising tips!
    I was in Tractor Supply to pick up feed for my chickens, and there they were. The baby chicks are in stores everywhere! It begins a long season of having to prove how much self-restraint I possess. I’m already over the legal number of chickens allowed in my area. I have the coop and the […]
  • What’s Your Plan?
    It’s February, and the garden seeds have already hit the shelves. The seed catalogs have arrived, and now I have that itch. That irresistible urge to turn some soil and get some seeds in the ground.  I usually take this time to prepare my greenhouses and start a large batch of herbs growing.  Just about […]
  • Companion Planting
    I’ve only implemented Companion Planting in the last two years. The results have been startling. My favorite example is planting the Nasturtium around the Cabbage. Three years ago my cabbage were nearly destroyed by cabbage worms. They were only good for chicken treats by harvest time. Before my next season, I researched how to control […]
  • The Most Useful Plant In My Garden
    Do you have a favorite plant in your garden? Me too, and my answer seems to surprise some folks. Especially since it’s not a vegetable. The sunflower is the most versatile plant in my garden. The seeds are the obvious start. Roasted sunflower seeds are popular at the vegetable stand. A cheap salty snack customers […]

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